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Integrated Sales and Inventory Management System Implemented In Three-Tier Architecture

Joseph Brylle N. Cambronero | Nikko Andrew F. Labadan | Hyla Kay D. Labio | Ralph Jan B. Redoña | Bernil Jane F. Salarda



The purpose of this project was to identify and solved the problems regarding the inventory monitoring and sales management. Business industries encountered many problems in terms with their business process. Jorona Aquatic Resources and International Trading,Inc. is a company for marketing aquatic resources internaionally and in domestic place here in the Philippines. The said company encountered difficulties in rendering quality service, making effective marketing strategies, communication, and security. During the analysis made by the proponents, they encountered issues that slow the processes of business and impede possibly, the rapid growth of income. They found that Integrated Sales and Inventory Management system solved the current problems of the company. They discussed how much the system cost, how it will work, what are the benefits that the company would get if they will apply it and the impacts towards the employees. The project was made for almost three semesters from second semester AY 2008-2009 to 2009-2010. After all the tests and evaluations, as compared to the manual system and other alternatives that the company used to enhance the company’s business processes, the said system was cheaper, faster, could lessen the human resource, effective, and efficient way in gaining hefty profit. It reduced failure reporting and analysis, and could provide timely and accurate reliability/quality reports. The proponents highly recommended for the enhancement of the system to include online payment, automate the delivery details and transaction recording, and include computations in all accounting transactions.