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Laboratory Virtual System Using Barcode in Validation

Paul Mark R. Barsarsa | Sean Lester T. Benitez | Paulique Klaidene J. Ladao | Christopher C. Pelayo | Uzzel Angeline F. Quinco



The study was about analyzing the current Information Technology infrastructure of the University of the Immaculate Conception Science Laboratory. It sought to find alternative solutions that would allow the personnel and the student assistants to easily track the reports and monitoring of the apparatuses. The proponents used the Spiral model for the guidance on the approaches in carrying out the project and will be developed according to the specific needs of the science laboratory to help them achieve their objectives in providing service to their students. Since this institution is known to be one of the best in the field of science education, a need for a system enhancement is a prerequisite for them where monitoring of the Inventory of apparatuses requisition, checking of accountable accounts, creations of important reports particularly inventory reports and breakage report. This system has a total security and identity detection system with the use of barcode for validating a request to make sure that every transaction is valid and secure. The implementation of the Laboratory System will be reliable and the data are updated in real time from the students who made request and for the staff to have an easier monitoring of the actual availability of the equipments inside the laboratory and securing their files. This really a great help to the institution to become competitive and give accurate information in the organization and give updated reports. The Laboratory Virtual System will be a solution to all the problems encountered.