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Payroll System with Daily Time Record Using Bio-Metric Authentication

Felice Grazielle M. Adlaon | Sharellyn U. Enriquez | Paul Laurenz B. Estrebillo | Mark Anthony T. Panganoron | Joseph Rey S. Sator



The aim of this project is to identify and solve the problems concerning the Payroll and Daily Time Record System of DBA enterprise – a fast growing company which caters direct selling of AVON products throughout Mindanao. The company experiences some concerns on monitoring the attendances of their employees and the computation of the payroll of each employee. The traditional payroll and daily time record system could no longer cope with the number of branches they have all over Mindanao. Through the analysis made by the proponents, it has been found that Payroll System with Daily Time Record using Biometric Authentication may solve the current problems of the company. The study covered the cost of the proposed system, its operational functions, its benefits and its impact towards the company. The project was completed within the time span of three semesters (Academic Years 2008-2009 to 2009-2010). After the testing and evaluation, it was concluded that the automated Payroll System with Daily Time Record is really beneficial to the company. The system facilitates the generation of payroll and monitoring of attendances in a cheaper, easier and faster way. It could reduce failure of reporting and analysis, and could provide timely and accurate reliability/quality reports.