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Payroll System with Loan Management Using Macromedia Flex Extensible Mark-Up Language (MXML)

Hubert P. Bragas | Arn Justin T. Gonzaga | Sofia S. Labawan | Michael E. Sambas | Karlo Jesus O. Sobiaco



The term ‘payroll’ encompasses every employee of a company who receives a regular wage or other compensation. Some employees may be paid a fix salary while others are paid for hours worked or based on the number of items they produced. The pay is computed by a payroll specialist using these payment methods after which the appropriate pay checks are issued. Companies often use objective measuring tools such as timecards or timesheets completed by supervisors to determine the total amount of payroll due each payroll period. The Macromedia Flex eXtensible Mark-up Language (MXML) is a new programming language which has a nice Graphical User Interface (GUI) and consists of a lot of new features which is more suitable for the proponents proposed payroll System with loan management. In this document, the proponents focused on the problem regarding the payroll system of RODSY marketing and how the proponents applied solutions which could solve their payroll-related problems. By properly analyzing the current structure of the company’s payroll system, the proponents have developed a new system which was properly customized to fit to the functional requirements of the company. By developing this new system thru following the common payroll functions in coordination with the payroll-in-charge, the proponents have solved the problems of Rodsy Company.