HomeCLOUDvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

Developing a Web Builder through Node Based Approach

Rutchel Ann Doreen H. Moises | Kenmark Osler L. Ordiz



The purpose of this study was to develop a web builder through node-based approach that allows users to create a website fast and easy without inserting even a single line of code. The web builder resides in local host and having sub domains.

The web builder is applied by node-based system that treats a piece of content as a node which allows users to handle contents in a site. A user can easily control and modify contents and the preferred draggable feature can easily be applied that makes the web builder or website extendible and modifiable. Blender process which is Node-based and VPL (Visual Programming Language) was used as the basis for the efficiency of the application. Five respondents were chosen for the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to verify whether the functions of the system have been developed correctly. Results of the testing reveal that the application should be enhanced by integrating features allowing publication of the website online, Improve interactivity of the application, and allow in theming for the templates of the website.