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Security and File Privacy Management Application for Flash Drives

Mervyn G. Manlangit | Sil John Ve B. Prequencia



The purpose of the study is to present opportunities on protecting files inside the flash drive, implementing security measures from unauthorized users and minimizing the spreading of malicious file. Flash drives are a common technology used by most of the industries nowadays. However, because of the absence of security for flash drive, many users were hacked by an unauthorized user that allows them to access the owner’s file inside the flash drive. Further analysis was made by the proponents and came up with the idea of implementing “Security and File Privacy Management Application for Flash Drives.” The application intends to minimize the spreading of malicious files and also from unauthorized users. It has three features that will help the users to protect their files from unauthorized users. The proponents made a feature that is suitable for flash drive protection by encryption process, next is password authentication, and the last is the owner can delete malwares or files that are not belong from the owner.