HomeCLOUDvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

Simplifying Migration from Simple CSS/XHTML Website to Multiple WCMS Layout through Automated Conversion

Aiden A. Duaban | Dawn Angeli L. Melo



In this paper, the proponents had created a converter intended for the Web developers and Web designers and other individuals who want to convert the theme of their existing simple HTML/CSS site into a specific Web Content Management System. This converter takes lesser time in transferring the design from HTML site to specified WCMS theme. The user of this converter will be able to see the output with completely the same design from their simple HTML site to a particular WCMS theme, without taking extra effort. The implemented converter lessens the problems encountered by the Web Developers and Web Designers and others with regards to converting the theme from simple HTML site specific WCMS theme. Four (4) respondents were chosen for the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to verify the functionality of the system. The proponents recommend for further improvement of the converter to accomplish a perfect converter particularly its ability to convert other kinds of Content Management System.