HomeEducational Measurement and Evaluation Reviewvol. 4 no. 1 (2013)

Assessment of Family Functioning among Perpetrators of Physical Abuse

Aime T. Guarino | Glenda Mae D. Villarico

Discipline: Psychology



The present study assessed family functioning and intergenerational patterns of physical abuse of adult among perpetrators. Family Assessment Measure III and Genogram were used as assessment tools. Fifteen perpetrators of physical abuse participated in the initial assessment and only seven out of the fifteen participants continued with Genogram interview. Respondents were in the early to middle adulthood stage and most of them were females. Majority of the respondents have not reached tertiary education. They belong to the low socio-economic status and have no stable source of income. The assessment conducted was anchored on the Structural Family Theory of the systems perspective. The assessment was made by: (1) filling out of personal data sheet, (2) taking the family assessment tool that measured the perpetrators’ strengths and weaknesses in terms of communication, involvement, control, values, and norms, and (3) constructing of three generation genogram focused on physical abuse. Results showed difficulty in communicating effectively as a family and in setting boundaries at home. Moreover, power struggles, inconsistent regard to explicit and implicit rules at home, control issues and discrepant value system of the family were seen. Consistent with these problems in the family system, genogram observed the presence of intergenerational pattern of physical abuse. A report of the result was forwarded for appropriate action and intervention.