HomeEducational Measurement and Evaluation Reviewvol. 4 no. 1 (2013)

Parental Involvement in Children’s Assessment in Kindergarten

Joyce Ferro Orillosa | Carlo Magno

Discipline: Education



The present study described the various practices of parental involvement in the assessment of their children in kindergarten. More specifically, the present study looked into the role of parents in three stages of assessing their child: pre-assessment (before instruction), assessment during instruction, and post assessment in their children‟s schooling. There were 20 parents interviewed and their specific practices in getting involved in the child‟s tests, grading, and other forms of marking, and assessment were asked. It was found in the study that before assessment, the parents organizes review materials for the child by purchasing references, prepares reviews, and further inquiry with teachers. During assessment, the parents balance between being a mother and delivering the academic practices (oral questioning and revisiting previous assessment results). After the assessment, the parents praise and reward the child.