HomeLetran-Calamba Journal of Institutional Research and Developmentvol. 1 no. 1 (2009)

Revisiting Student Evaluation Of International Sectioning Scheme (ISS) (Ay 2008-2009), Letran Calamba

* Institutional Research Program(irp) Team

Discipline: Education



This action research reviewed the students’ evaluation of the International Sectioning Scheme (ISS) adopted in AY 2008-2009. Using Max Weber’s Verstehen as a theoretical lens, the study arrived at multiple perceptions of the scheme. When made to speak freely about their perceptions of ISS, we have seen the importance of the students’ “subjective experiences.” Students value multiplicity, variety, and divergence best served by ISS. The Colegio could then attempt to continue implementing ISS as far as students’ evaluation is concerned. Further study could be done to ascertain the economic cost, implementers’ convenience, and the rigors of the scheme’s technical process.