HomeNEXO: Letran Calamba Peer-Reviewed Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2015)

Stories as Communication Process Surfacing Research Constructs of Letran Calamba’s Organizational Community

Roberto DV Revilla

Discipline: Social Culture



This study investigated and analyzed how various research participants construct research culture, from the stories they tell, in my own organizational community. Specifically, it (1) ascertained research culture in Letran Calamba anchored on Hill’s parameters; (2) probed on what research stories, when seen from multiple lenses, reveal about research culture in Letran Calamba; (3) plotted how my organizational community’s research culture exists vis-à-vis its organizational life cycle; and (4) analyzed how research culture is communicated, lived, and constituted in my organization.

Research stories from 12 stakeholders were gathered through interviews focused on six guide questions. Hall and McCormack’s methods for multiple reading of texts were combined to analyze textual narratives, moving from literal to theoretical reading.

Textual analysis revealed that generally my storytellers see research, personally and collectively, as processual and utilitarian; meaning, it is both a process and a tool to gain knowledge for decision making. Research stories also provided a clear-cut direction for the Colegio’s research management system. Policy recommendations pointed to a collaborative and communicative task among various stakeholders in the institution to address the concern for a strong research culture, which likewise boils down to institutional leadership.