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Grammar Proficiency of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba College Students

Dulce Corazon T. Barraquio

Discipline: English, Grammar



This undertaking quantitatively assessed the grammar proficiency of Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba college students to identify weaknesses and eventually improve instruction and the quality of learning of students.

Using the descriptive method of research, the researcher assessed the college students’ grammar proficiency by using a teacher-made questionnaire to identify the specific areas of grammar difficulties. A 50-item multiple choice test, which evaluated knowledge of the 10 areas of grammar, was specifically used. Grammar areas were based on 30 common grammatical errors of second language users resulting from the study done by Andrea Lungsford and Robert Corner of the University of California in San Diego. Demographic profile of students, as well as their perceptions on the importance of grammar to the use of correct English, was considered. Using proportional stratified random sampling, this study tested 359 students enrolled in the 2nd semester of AY 2005-2006 across all departments and in all year levels. The study likewise included a total enumeration of all the nine full-time and part-time college faculty of English.

In general, Letran Calamba college students received fair ratings in parts of speech, possessive nouns, and verb mood and tense. Areas of plural nouns, pronoun usage, adjective and adverb usage, and pronoun-antecedent agreement needed improvement. The students failed in the areas of sentence structure, subject- verb agreement, and sentence construction. Respondents perceived grammar as extremely important to the correct use of English. No significant relationship was established between the overall perceived importance of the study of grammar to the correct use of English and student’s overall grammar proficiency. There was also no significant difference between the faculty and students’ perception regarding the importance of grammar to the correct use of English. Moreover, grammar was found to be extremely important in writing and speaking as perceived both by faculty and students.

Research findings showed that grammar was relatively important in the development of identified English competencies among Letran Calamba college students. Hence, the school should consider making all freshmen students enroll in English 101 or Remedial English.