HomePAMALANDONGvol. 4 no. 1 (2010)

Towards a Professional Development Program For Davao City Barangay Day Care Workers

Juanita U. Mendoza | Emma Rita C. Belisario



This study reviewed demographic information and professional development

conditions, including perceptions of professional development support of barangay day

care workers of Davao City. Questionnaires were given to 108 barangay day care

workers across twelve administrative districts. Results indicated that majority of the

respondents are female, married, middle-aged and have at least ten years of working

experience in day care centers. More than 50 percent were college graduates with no

specific training on preschool education. All have attended in-service trainings.

Majority did not have credentials in the form of civil service eligibility and

professional teacher license. There were significant differences in their perceptions

of professional development support when they were grouped according to years of

working experience and district assignments. Based on these findings, the Stepladder

Training and Education for Professionalization (STEP) program was proposed. The

levels are composed of the Caregiving NC II, Certificate of Proficiency in Preschool

Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Preschool Education, and

Licensure Examination for Teachers. It is modular in design to address their diverse

needs for professionalization. This study is beneficial to the barangay day care

workers and the preschool children under their care. It is of advantage to the CSSDO

as it is a concrete system of improving the professional status of the current

workforce. The findings of this study will serve as reference to future policies

formulation, legislation and advocacy of early childhood care and development in

Davao City.