vol. 4, no. 1 (2010)


Pamalandong is the Cebuano term for meditation and reflection. It is a deep, pensive mood (“hinuklog”) indicating inward processes of thoughts. The inward direction infers an organized, lucid and reasoned thinking. It is an active engagement done within the quiet recesses of the mind. It implies an internal dialogue, a silent conversation, a thinking through of the person about matters that elevate the heart and spirit. The affairs of humans ideally should transcend physical pursuits; a time for quiet reflection is a luxury that few appreciate but if carried out brings numerous benefits.

The articles in this journal are products of research pursuits in the areas of special education, early childhood education, language teaching, management and social issues. They were borne of the individual and collective efforts of faculty and students of the Graduate School who immersed themselves in intensive scholarly investigation reinforced with deep data analysis and reflection to produce these articles.

Pamalandong is the Graduate School’s way of celebrating the ideals of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of all Catholic universities, academies, colleges and schools throughout the world: humility in the pursuit of scholarly excellence, patience in the midst of adversities and service to spread the teachings of the Church and Christ.

Publisher: Holy Cross Davao College

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