HomePhilippine Journal of Counseling Psychologyvol. 13 no. 1 (2011)

Factors Predictive of the Subjective Well-Being among Malaysian Ethnic Minorities

Asha Ganesan | Jose Alberto S. Reyes



The study aims to understand what factors are predictive of subjective well-being among two Malaysian ethnic minority groups, the Chinese and Indians. Ninety one participants were given questionnaires on the selected factors which are self-esteem and perceived social support. Self-esteem (β = .38, p< .001) and perceived social support (β = .34, p=.002) were found to be significant predictors for the overall model but culture was not a significant predictor. From the individual analyses, self-esteem was found to be a significant predictor of the subjective well-being among Chinese participants, while perceived social support was predictive of subjective well-being among Indian participants. Implications for improving students’ overall well-being were discussed.