Jose Alberto S. Reyes

Affiliates: De La Salle University, Philippines

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Factors Predictive of the Subjective Well-Being among Malaysian Ethnic Minorities

Ganesan, Asha | Reyes, Jose Alberto S.

The Mediating Role of Social Comparison in the Relationship between Choice–Making Orientation and Subjective Well-Being

Reyes, Jose Alberto S. | Edillo, Maria Therese Ann F. | Turiano, Mel Kenneth U. | Villanueva, Christian Lucas Jaime Gabriel V.

The Filipino School Counselor as Practicum Supervisee: Perceptions on Practicum Supervision in Counseling

Nicasio, Marissa S. | Reyes, Jose Alberto S.

Consistency of Traits Among Filipino Counselors: Influence of Context on Self-Evaluation

Cataquis, Rosalie E. | Reyes, Jose Alberto S. | Legaspi, Estesa Xaris | Ong, Aileen Grace | Desingaño, Armi Grace | Lopez, Jomelyn

Interdependent Happiness of Filipino College Students: A Validation Study

Ballada, Christine Joy A. | Reyes, Jose Alberto S.

Career Exploration and Commitment among Filipino Adolescents: A Socio-cultural Perspective

Reyes, Jose Alberto S. | Abaya-Garcia, Angela Luisa

Unveiling the Impact of Emoticons in the Philippine Context

Reyes, Jose Alberto S. | Sabaulan, Paolo Gabriel | Camacho, Lara Eliza | Rivera, Bea Angela

Examining the Effect of Socio-cultural Environment and Context on Behavioral Consistency among Filipinos

Reyes, Jose Alberto S. | Chen, Anthony Charles O. | Arceo, Jericho Edward P.

Do Counselors Lie? An Inquiry on Dishonest Behaviors among Filipino Counselors

Reyes, Jose Alberto S. | Legaspi, Estesa Xaris

Exploring Assertiveness of Filipino Late Adolescents and Late Adults

Nob, Rene M. | Reyes, Jose Alberto S. | Consolacion, Diane Marie U.