HomePhilippine Journal of Counseling Psychologyvol. 15 no. 1 (2013)

A Measure of the Experience of Being Bullied: An Initial Validation in Philippine Schools

Jerome A. Ouano | Nerissa G. Redbole-buot | Elmer D. Dela Rosa



Bullying in schools concerns parents, teachers, school administrators, counselors, and psychologists in most Philippine schools. Response to this problem needs to draw from a valid measure. Previous formulations of the experience of bullying indicated various forms, some of which are common across research contexts. The Personal Experience Checklist (PECK) by Hunt, Peters, and Rapee (2012) has four dimensions that were seen to be closer to the cases of bullying in Philippine schools. The present study aimed at validating the PECK among Filipino high school students. In the exploratory phase of the validation process, Exploratory Factor Analysis on the 32-item PECK extracted 3 factors from the responses of 231 high school students, namely: verbal-relational bullying, physical bullying, and cyber bullying. In the cross-validation phase, separate Confirmatory Factor Analyses were performed for the new 3-factor model from 443 public school students (χ2/df=4.01, RMSEA=.08, TLI=.90, CFI=.90) and from 201 private school students (χ2/df=2.36, RMSEA=.06, TLI=.95, CFI=.92). CFA generated a relatively acceptable validity evidence of the measure for the experience of being bullied in both private and public schools. Implications point to the use of the new 3-factor model measure of bullying in the Philippine schools, and future research direction to increase the generalizability of the measure.