Jerome A. Ouano


Affiliates: De La Salle University, Philippines

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Motivational Antecedents of Academic Emotions in Filipino College Students

Ouano, Jerome A.

Discipline: Education

Changes in Self-Efficacy among Filipino Adolescents as Moderated by Performance Goal Orientation

Ouano, Jerome A.

Students’ Social Reasons for Doing Schoolwork: Patterns across Childhood and Adolescence

Ouano, Jerome A.

A Measure of the Experience of Being Bullied: An Initial Validation in Philippine Schools

Dela Rosa, Elmer D. | Redbole-buot, Nerissa G. | Ouano, Jerome A.

Hope and Academic Achievement among Young Filipino College Indigent Students

Lucas, Rochelle Irene G. | Ouano, Jerome A.

Conceptions and lived experience of spirituality of Filipino adults: A Consensual Qualitative Research

Ouano, Jerome A. | de la Peña, Yayetta C.

Hope as a Moderating Factor on the Relationship between Academic Stress and Resilience

Estrellado, Alicia F. | Ouano, Jerome A.

Stress Appraisals and Coping Strategies of Cambodian Dual-degree Students: The Moderating Role of Achievement Emotions

Ouano, Jerome A. | Mak, Chansophal

Examining the Association of School Connectedness and Academic Help Seeking of College Students

Ouano, Jerome A. | Conway, Gail D. | Jugarap, Eda Jean M. | Marquez, Voltaire M. | Crisostomo, Karina A.

School Connectedness of College Students: Prospects for Positive Youth Development in Schools

Ouano, Jerome A.

School Contextual Factors of Connectedness: The Case of Indian and Filipino University Students

Ouano, Jerome A. | Conway, Gail D. | Marquez, Voltaire M. | Thoppilan, Wilson A.

Investigating Homesickness Among First-year University Students: Relations with Social Connectedness and Academic Engagement

Ouano, Jerome A. | Conway, Gail D. | Almocera, Robert John V.