HomePhilippine Scientific Journalvol. 43 no. 2 (2010)

Rectal Liposarcoma

Cedina E. Bayani | Cesar B. Isidro | Norman S. Garcia

Discipline: Health, Medicine



Rectal liposarcoma is an extremely rare entity of liposarcoma based on its anatomic location. Its clinical presentation can only be predicted by comparison with the behavior of liposarcoma in other parts of the body.

The objective of this report is to present a very rare case of primary rectal liposarcoma and to discuss briefly its clinical presentation and management.

This is a case of a 62 -year old female, who came in due to a rectal mass which was found to be a primary rectal liposarcoma during biopsy. The patient underwent Mile’s operation and subsequently received an adjuvant external beam radiation.

It is considered as the first reported case of rectal liposarcoma in the Philippines and possibly the second reported case in the world.