HomeRoot Gatherersvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

Physical Stability Of Commercially Available Lagundi (Vitex Negundo) Syrup At Varied Storage Temperatures

Florie C. Casalan | Beberlie D. Aquino | Jocelyn R. Cotiangco | Windel Jane T. Demavivas

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology



Quality of crude drug material, plant preparations and finished products depend upon the content variation and stability during storage. The physical and chemical stability of a pharmaceutical product in the container in which it is to be marketed should be tested under defined storage conditions and the shelf-life should be established. This study was intended to determine the physical stability of three commercially available Lagundi (Vitex negundo) syrup products by exposing the different brands into various temperatures, level of pH. In order to determine the changes, which occurred in the product, positive control syrup was used. The viscosity, density, its color and microbial load of the product were also tested. Results show there that there was an existing significant difference (p<0.05) on the level of pH at 5° C, 15° C and 25° C. This means that three brands have different pH level and dependent on temperature. However, there was no significant difference on the density and color of the drug at specified temperatures but an existing significant difference on the viscosity of the syrup. Lastly, the microbial growth does not affect with the temperature during the storage condition. This study further suggests investigate at the 35° C storage temperature and sensitivity testing of the new commercially available lagundi product.