vol. 3, no. 1 (2012)
Root Gatherers

Publisher: University of the Immaculate Conception

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Category: Chemistry | Pharmacology & Pharmacy |

ISSN 2345-8569 (Online)

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Cost-Effective Analysis Of The Extracted Mucilagenous Substance Of Okra (Hibiscus esculentus) and Corn Starch as Tablet Binders

Cherie D. Gasendo | Julmarie Claire C. Pascua | Clair J. Supangan | Rhea A. Cañal

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

Physical Stability Of Commercially Available Lagundi (Vitex Negundo) Syrup At Varied Storage Temperatures

Florie C. Casalan | Beberlie D. Aquino | Jocelyn R. Cotiangco | Windel Jane T. Demavivas

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

Phytochemical, Antibacterial And Mutagenic Analyses Of Commercially Available Kalamansi (Citrofortunella Microcarpa) Fruit Extract

Judee N. Nogodula | Nathalie Grace C. Langreo | Cleo P. Palaca | Karen Mae B. Padernal

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

Anti-Inflammatory Effect of the Formulated Tablet of Dalangita (Citrus Nobilis) Peel Extract in Albino Rats

Ma. Corazon S. Loquellano | Rochell V. Canete | Hazel M. Gargoles | Janson Jesson B. Palarisan | Joyce A. Pelaez

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

Phytochemical Screening and Determination of the Antioxidant Levels of Cabbage (Brassica oeracea) And Kangkong (Ipomoea aquatica) Leaf Extracts

Annabelle A. Ribo | Angelica Mae L. Dequito | Lewey Joy G. Lunio | Kay Maieze B. Mato

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

Determination of Mercury Level in Three Selected Canned Tuna in the Philippines

Adorico M. Aya-ay | Ritzmer Jay C. Roces | Patrizzia Marie R. Cebrero | Karrah M. Go

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

Cholesterol Lowering Activity of Formulated Green Caviar (caulerpa lentillifera j. Agardh., caulerpaceae) Seaweed Extract Tablet in Hypercholesterolemia-Induced Rabbits

Ma. Corazon S. Loquellano | Dune Vienis Karen N. Rafael | Melanie Bat-ao | Lovely Edchelle Bermudez | Danmarie Inting

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

Determination of the Nitrite Contents as a Food Preservative in Three Tuna Products from the Selected Branded and Homemade Producers in General Santos City

Venchie C. Badong | Lloyd Jason H. Gualvez | Judy S. Manliguis

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

Pesticide Residue Analysis of the Isolated And Formulated Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) from Overripe Mango (mangifera indica,linn. Anacardiceae)

Annabelle A. Ribo | Mariz Kay M. Flores | Maribelle C. Hao | Camille F. Selgas

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

Flavonoid Screening and Evaluation of Formulated Syrup of Ripe Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) Fruit Extract

May Florence D. Bacayo | Sydney Paole Anne G. Ceniza | Sheana Marie M. Montaño | Rose Anne V. Ubalde

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

A Comparative Study on the Percentage Content of Synthetic and Herbal Supplements of Vitamin C Available in Davao City

Donnah D. Nahial | Chresyl C. Alinsasaguin | Jenny R. Edulan | Arie Mae E. Radaza | Liza A. Tomimbang

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

Physical Properties of Formulated Semisolid Dosage Forms (Ointment, Gel and Cream) of Hauli (Ficus Septica, Moraceae) Leaf Crude Extract

Florie C. Casalan | Romma Ninnah O. Egar | Joseph Pet F. Lusay | Ma. Lady Dianne A. Paccial | Michelle A. Peñafiel

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology

The Antitussive Effect of formulated Syrup from Trompang Elepante (heliotropium indicum linn.) Leaf extract in Citric Acid Cough-Induced Guinea Pigs

Donnah D. Nahial | Rocel Joy C. Obra | Jennifer Gwen L. Santiago | Emily R. Vasquez

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology