HomeRoot Gatherersvol. 3 no. 1 (2012)

Physical Properties of Formulated Semisolid Dosage Forms (Ointment, Gel and Cream) of Hauli (Ficus Septica, Moraceae) Leaf Crude Extract

Florie C. Casalan | Romma Ninnah O. Egar | Joseph Pet F. Lusay | Ma. Lady Dianne A. Paccial | Michelle A. Peñafiel

Discipline: Chemistry, Pharmacology



The study investigated if Hauli (Ficus septica, Moraceae) leaf crude extract can be suitably formulated into gel, cream, and ointment semi- solid dosage forms. Researchers formulated semisolid dosage forms and determined the following: conformation of the product formulations to the USP guideline in terms of the minimum fill test, physical properties of the three formulated semisolid dosage forms and skin sensitivity effect to human subjects. Minimum fill test was performed to compare the weight or volume of the product filled into each container with their labeled weight or volume. This helps in assessing the content uniformity of the products. Results showed that 73% of the formulations passed the USP guidelines in relation to the minimum fill test. Identification of the Physical Properties such as texture, melting point, and consistency of the three formulations was also conducted. Results showed that the three formulations conformed to the ideal physical properties of semi- solid dosage forms, in terms of texture, melting point, and consistency. Determination of seven-day cumulative irritancy patch test of the three formulations was also conducted. Results demonstrated that all of the respondents showed no visible reaction towards the three formulated dosage forms within seven days. Therefore, the three formulated semisolid dosage forms when used on human skin for seven days, was proven to be gentle and non-irritating.