HomeCognoscere: SPUQC Student Research Journalvol. 9 no. 2 (2014)

Customer Preferences on Filipino Food Served in Two Food Establishments Along Maginhawa Street, Teachers’ Village, Quezon City

Maria Mavel Badillo | Neile Ariele Ugaddan

Discipline: Hotel and Restaurant Management



The objective of this study is to help customers and owners of restaurants to identify what the customers want and their preferences on different Filipino restaurants found alongside Maginhawa Street. This study shows the interpretation of customer preferences on Filipino food served in two food establishments along Maginhawa Street. The study could also provide relevant information that could be beneficial for the customers. The researchers are hopeful to enlighten customers as to how they could be affected by different varieties of food choices and the influences it brings forth. The researchers used the descriptive method of research utilizing the questionnaire/checklist as the major instrument for data gathering. In conducting the survey, the researchers used the convenience sampling method because of its capability in obtaining quicker but reliable results. According to the results of the survey, customers highly prefer and recommend that the two food establishments serve more grilled foods and that they should offer more varieties of spicy dishes.