HomeLUMINAvol. 20 no. 1 (2009)

Application of Moral Education to the Problems of Indiscipline and Misconduct in Nigerian Universities

Amaechi Udefi

Discipline: Philosophy, Morality



There is no gainsaying the fact that indiscipline has assumed a dangerous and frightening dimension among students of tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Such cases of indiscipline as exhibited by students include examination malpractices, demonstration and rioting, secret cult activities, drug addiction, sexual immorality, theft, to mention just a few. The impression often created by this unfortunate development in the institutions of higher learning is that lecturers have abandoned their traditional functions of being role models and value arbiters in pursuit of personal and material gains. Whether or not this impression is correct is a different matter and should not detain us here. The important thing is that there is a serious problem on the ground which requires urgent attention because no serious intellectual, socio-political, economic, scientific and technological development can be engendered in the society where indiscipline prevails. Since the youth are the future leaders, it is imperative to prepare them for the task ahead that is leadership which requires, among others, the inculcation of certain democratic and ethical values like accountability, rule of law, tolerance respect for human life etc.