vol. 20, no. 1 (2009)


LUMINA (formerly KINAADMAN) is a refereed, interdisciplinary, research and scholarly journal of Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, published every October and March of each year by the HNU Publication Office. It publishes articles from HNU academic community, alumni, and other scholars from the Philippines and other countries throughout the globe. Research and scholarly papers in the basic and applied sciences, viz.: social, theological, philosophical, anthropological, natural and applied sciences, among others, and book reviews are accepted in this journal. LUMINA is a Latin word which means "light" or "illumination" - one which is indispensably needed by a person who is searching for something in a research, be it applied or pure. Therefore, the journal serves as the canticle of all the outputs of scholarly and professional research.

Publisher: Holy Name University

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Category: Education & Educational Research | Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary |

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The Rebirth of Dwu-T in Liceo Del Verbo Divino

Felino B. Javines Jr.

Discipline: Education

The Role of the Church in the Care of Street Children in Africa

Akintunde Dorcas Olubanke

Discipline: Sociology

Application of Moral Education to the Problems of Indiscipline and Misconduct in Nigerian Universities

Amaechi Udefi

Discipline: Philosophy, Morality

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: A Redefinition of Religious Values toward a New Social Order in Nigeria

Jacob Kehinde Ayantayo

Discipline: Philosophy, Religion, Sociology

Religious Space in the Nigerian Public Sphere: Its Burdens and Prospects

Jacob Kehinde Ayantayo

Discipline: Religion, Sociology, Politics

Heidegger’s Analysis of Nietzsche’s Thoughts on Zarathustra

Eddie R. Babor

Discipline: Philosophy

Springkling Some Grains of Theism with Nietzsche’s Atheistic Dictum: “God is Dead”

Menelito P. Mansueto

Discipline: Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology

Cultural Pluralism and the Quest for an Enduring Political System in Nigeria

Ademola Ajayi

Discipline: Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology, Social Studies

The Unalterability of the Yoruba Concept of Destiny

Helen Adekunbi Labeodan

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Anthropology

Karol Wojtyla and Herbert Marcuse on Technology

Ferdinand M. Mangibin

Discipline: Philosophy, Technology, Applied Sciences

Iya-Agbebi, Traditional Birth Attendant in Yoruba Setting and the Issues on HIV and AIDS

Ruth Oluwakemi Oke

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Anthropology

Cartesian Methodic Doubt Applied to the Da Vinci Code

Ian Rey G. Requina

Discipline: Literature, Philosophy, Social Science

Moral Implications of Eugenics

Protacio Man-on

Discipline: Science, Anthropology, Applied Sciences

Bioethical Issues on Organ Transplantation: Some Philosophical Reflections

Carlo Alfonsse Pangon

Discipline: Social Science, Natural Sciences, Theology, Applied Sciences

Improved Manual Rice Hill Seeder for Wetland Paddy

Jonathan E. Lacayanga | Walter G. Valdez | Rickson L. Ines | Reynan P. Calderon

Discipline: Technology, Applied Sciences