HomeLUMINAvol. 20 no. 1 (2009)

Bioethical Issues on Organ Transplantation: Some Philosophical Reflections

Carlo Alfonsse Pangon

Discipline: Social Science, Natural Sciences, Theology, Applied Sciences



Organ transplantation is a very critical issue. A lot of questions arise concerning its morality. To what extent is an act moral? To what extent is a person responsible for the well-being of others? Is organ transplantation morally justifiable? What are the advantages and disadvantages of organ transplantation to humanity? What are the criteria of donating organs? Is the donor really dead? These and similar questions need to be addressed very clearly. Now, in order for us to be aware of this issue, it is a must for us to dwell behind the morality of this issue and for us to know the proper ways and guidelines in obtaining organ transplantation.

This study revolves around organ transplantation and its moral and legal implications. Based on moral and legal grounds, that is, from the teachings of the Catholic Church, St. Augustine, St. Thomas and the Philippine laws, the researcher concludes that organ transplantation is a gift and presents different recommendations both on the process of organ transplantation and future researches about it.