HomeLUMINAvol. 22 no. 1 (2011)

External Referees’ Assessment of Researches of a University in Southern Philippines

Genaro V. Japos | Teresita T. Tumapon | Emiliana J. Lozano

Discipline: Research



The descriptive study evaluated the researches of a University in Southern Philippines in two time periods using the quantitative-qualitative research design. It discovered that the student researches improved significantly from fair to satisfactory in the areas of substantive, methodological and style parameters. However, the quality of faculty researches did not improve significantly in the substantive, methodological, and style aspects. The study also found out that the researches did not contain ISI journal references and that gray literature was accessed such as Wikipedia, unverified online sources and unpublished materials such as theses and dissertations. There was no discussion of research ethics in the methodology. There was lack of research utilization although there was evidence that the studies were disseminated in local and international fora.