vol. 22, no. 1 (2011)


LUMINA (formerly KINAADMAN) is a refereed, interdisciplinary, research and scholarly journal of Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, published every October and March of each year by the HNU Publication Office. It publishes articles from HNU academic community, alumni, and other scholars from the Philippines and other countries throughout the globe. Research and scholarly papers in the basic and applied sciences, viz.: social, theological, philosophical, anthropological, natural and applied sciences, among others, and book reviews are accepted in this journal. LUMINA is a Latin word which means "light" or "illumination" - one which is indispensably needed by a person who is searching for something in a research, be it applied or pure. Therefore, the journal serves as the canticle of all the outputs of scholarly and professional research.

Publisher: Holy Name University

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Category: Education & Educational Research | Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary |

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External Referees’ Assessment of Researches of a University in Southern Philippines

Genaro V. Japos | Teresita T. Tumapon | Emiliana J. Lozano

Discipline: Research

Media Ecology, Globalization, and Emancipation: Beyond the Carnivalesque

Frederick David Abraham

Discipline: Social, Philosophical, Anthropological Science

History, Structure, Policies, and Processes: Understanding Poll Modernization Law

Farrahmila A. Mala | Rafael D. Pangilinan

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science

The Preaching of John the Baptist as a Model for Religious Clerics in the Pursuit of Socio-Religious Transformation

G. N. Toryough

Discipline: Social Science, Theology, Theological Science

Fostering Innovations and Technological Development during the Meiji: Some Observations on the Adaptability of Japanese Culture

Josefino C. Sianghio

Discipline: Social Science, Cultural Studies, Anthropological Science

The Hermeneutics of Liberation Theology: A Critical Look at Its Christological, Harmatiological, and Soterio-Logical Dimensions

Christian O. Uchegbue

Discipline: Social Science, Theology, Hermeneutics

The Edsa Revolution(s) and Freedom: Hegelian Interpretation of History

Ferdinand M. Mangibin

Discipline: Social Science, History

Heidegger’s Contribution to Phenogenology and Existentialist Ontology

Martin O. Onwuegbusi

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science

When Society Meets the Individual, Marx Contra Nietzsche: Antipodal Views on Society, Morality, and Religion

Menelito P. Mansueto

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Religion, Theology

Developments in Thomas Kuhn’s Theory of Perception of Similarity Relationships in Science

Douglas I. O Anele

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science

The Text and the Logos Language Debate in Jacques Derrida’s Deconstruction

Dolores R. Taylan

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Languages

Corruption and Underdevelopment: The Nigerian Experience

Rotimi Omotoye

Discipline: Social Science

Ancient Wars in Esanland Up to the Early 1900s: Relevance in Contemporary International Politics

Odion Simon Ehiabhi

Discipline: Social Science, History

Existential Reversals and Yoruba Philosophy

Wale Olajide

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science

Political Onanism and Scepticism in a Democratic Country

Benson O. Igboin

Discipline: Philosophy, Social Science, Political Science

Elitism in Pre-Colonial Akoko Society: Its Disorientation from Socio-Cultural Value in Contemporary Akoko

Olusanya Faboyede

Discipline: Social Science, Cultural Studies

Violent Language and Its Female Site in Titus Andronicus

Cyril Belvis

Discipline: Languages