HomeLUMINAvol. 22 no. 2 (2011)

Globalization and Value System

Oseni Taiwo Afisi

Discipline: Social Science, Political Science



The reality of globalization in the world today, and the apparent benefits it has recorded in the sphere of international economics, politics, social, educational liberalization and principally, science and technology are without doubt, overwhelming. But globalization is by no means a full proof error free ideology. Its negative impacts on the economic, political, educational and national cultures and values of most developing nations, particular Africa are of immense proportion. The concern of this paper is to philosophically examine the impact of globalization on African value system. The paper argues that globalization is not a problem but a challenge to Africa. African countries need not cry foul over globalization but need to stand up to the challenges it poses. The paper contends that African countries need to develop policies that are rooted in their cultural heritages, which can also be adopted by other cultures and societies of the world in order to have an encompassing as well as integrative value system in 21st century Africa.