HomeIAMURE International Journal of Health Educationvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Achievement Tests and their Relevance to Examination Performance of Nursing Graduates

May Claire L. Villegas

Discipline: Education, Medicine



This study determined the relevance of achievement tests on the academic and board examination performance of the University of Cebu College of Nursing Graduates who took the board examination for the first time last December 2010. A descriptive correlational research design was utilized by the researchers. Permission to conduct was obtained as well as the informed consent signed by the respondents to gain access of their tests scores. The data retrieved were the entrance tests prior to acceptance in the College last school year 2005, the average academic grades of the nursing graduates on their Nursing Care Management subjects, Nursing Research subjects and their board examination result. As to the entrance examination results, 35.56% have below average IQ, 48.39% have below average rating in Arithmetic, 60.22% have below average reading comprehension, 59.14% have fair academic performance and 70.97% passed the board exam. Moreover, the IQ and board exam performance with value of 3.84 have significant relationship as well as the reading comprehension and board exam performance with a value of 5.99. Furthermore, it was concluded that the achievement tests have no significant relationship with the academic performance. However, the IQ and reading comprehension has significant relationship with board exam performance.