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HomeIAMURE International Journal of Educationvol. 1 no. 1 (2012)

Technical/Vocational Training Needs in Loon, Bohol

Dominique M. Angel | Ruel B. Pangiligan | Amelia T. Laniba

Discipline: Education



The main thrust of this study was to determine the Technical/Vocational training needs and available training facilities of the residents of Loon, Bohol. Specifically, this study sought to determine the technical/vocational training program that can be proposed to alleviate poverty in the municipality. This study used the descriptive-survey design and utilized the questionnaire as a tool for gathering data. The data were tabulated and interpreted using the percentage of measurement, ranked and were presented using pie graph. The findings showed that among the 11 technical/vocational training options, Food Technology was the respondents’ primary choice. The survey revealed that the most abundant training facilities available were also for the same trade. The researchers concluded that the residents of Loon are more inclined to preparing and cooking food. Evidently, the highest percentage of available training facilities is also for Food Technology. They found this discipline significant to learn and they believed this could alleviate the economic crisis that they are currently suffering from. The researchers recommend that the Office of Extension Services ought to utilize the findings of the study for its Community Extension Program.