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Discurso Pronunciado En La Apertura Anual De Los Estudios De La Universidad De Manila El 17 De Junio De 1870

Ramón Martínez Vigil | Belen Tangco



Belen Lorezca-Tangco, O.P. 

On the Primary Teaching in the Philippines 

The address “In Relation to the Primary Teaching in the Philippines” delivered at the opening of the academic year in the University of Manila was a most refreshing salvo of reflections to the academe. The inaugural lecturer, Most Rev. Fr. Ramon Martinez Vigil, OP was Professor of Philosophy, Curator of the Museum of Natural History, Inspector of Schools of Latin, and Associate, Real Sociedad Economia de Amigos del Pais de Filipinas (Economic Society of the Friends of the Philippines). This lecture was printed in Colegio de Santo Tomas Printing Press, Manila in 1870. 

In commencing his lecture, Fr. Vigil notes the happy ending of the first evolution of matters embracing secondary teaching, and the fifth meeting he holds in the modest place. He narrates the conquests of sciences in the progressive development of intellectual life in the community and shares his best experiences. He underscores the reason for his acceptance to speak: the friendship and affection of the participants. He could lead a traveler, who has been exhausted in conquering the summit of a mountain, to retrospection into the past, and imbibe the lessons obtained from the long walk up to the acme of rest.