vol. 46, no. 136 (2011)
Philippiniana Sacra


Philippiniana Sacra is the official Publication of the Ecclesiastical Faculties of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila. The journal started publication in 1966.

It was envisioned with a purpose and a hope. The purpose was to publish the scientific output of the Ecclesiastical Faculties (Philosophy, Theology and Canon Law) of the University. The hope, to validate already acquired verities with new conquests in the larger areas of contemporary knowledge.

The regular sections of Philippiniana Sacra are Articles, Studies, Philippiniana Records and Book Reviews. Of special interest for historians and researchers is the section “Philippiniana Records,” where original manuscript materials, mainly from the UST Archives, are published for the first time.

Publisher: University of Santo Tomas

Potential Citation/s: 37

Category: History | Philosophy | Religion & Theology |

ISSN 2651-7418 (Online)

ISSN 0115-9577 (Print)

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