HomeMMSU CTE Research Journalvol. 1 no. 1 (2002)

Talent Development Program to Enhance Student Teachers’ Teaching Capability

Eliza T. Samson



The study looked into the implementation of the Talent Development Program (TDP) of the MMSU Laboratory Elementary School. It tried to identify the specific driving forces which contributed to its success, as well as, determined the effect of the program to the pre-service training of teachers who were involved in the program. Finally, the sturdy sought to identify the constraints, which could have affected the process implementation.

Basically, the study used the descriptive research design by way of the rapid assessment and case study methods. The data were gathered through the triangulation and the use of survey, key informant interview, focused group discussion and analysis of secondary documents as techniques. The collected data were processed by using appropriate statistical tools such as the mean and by coding the output of the interviews.

The finding shows that the talent development program contributed to the development of pupils’ talents and enrichment of the regular elementary curriculum. Also, it enhanced student teachers’ teaching capability in handling instructional responsibilities. These experiences aided the students to better perform their tasks when they were fielded to cooperating schools.

Furthermore, the study identified problems related to the implementation of the program such as the need for adequate financial support and equipment for trainers to undergo trainings in specialized fields, and the need to evaluate the program to determine its strength and weaknesses.