HomeIAMURE International Journal of Ecology and Conservationvol. 15 no. 1 (2015)

Environmentally-Directed Organizational Citizenship Behavior of the Municipal Government Officials in Cebu

Gelena Asis-dimpas | Maria Victoria U. Sy | Judy Ann Ong Ferrater-gimena

Discipline: Environmental Conservation



The greening of organizations is not only confined to the creation of formal management systems, activities or technologies. Over the years, environmentalists have learned that various stakeholders of an organization utilize discretionary approaches to understand the interaction between humans and the environment (Lehman et al., 2004). The discretionary approach is known as environmentally directed organizational citizenship behavior (OCBE) which focuses on the voluntary green initiatives done by employees within the organizational setting (Daily, Bishop, & Govindarajulu,2009). This study aimed to identify the environmentally directed organizational citizenship deeds observed and practiced by fifteen selected municipalities in Cebu, Philippines. The results revealed that OCBE deeds relative to environmental concerns, organizational commitment, supervisory support for environmental efforts and perceived social performance of the local government units were the most common behaviors exhibited by the local officials and their staff. Another objective of the paper was to determine the extent of demonstration of the identified OCBE deeds among the department heads and staff of the fifteen (15) municipalities involved in the study. The findings showed that the identified OCBE deeds were demonstrated by the municipal government officials and staff to a very great extent. Quantitative data were taken from the survey conducted among one hundred forty respondents comprising of local government officials and their staff from fifteen municipalities in Cebu, Philippines. The purposive sampling method was employed in choosing the sample respondents. The municipalities involved in the study were the top fifteen (15) performing local government units who participated in the E – GWEN program of the province. The list of the municipalities was provided by the Office of the Vice Governor of Cebu in conjunction with a non – government organization who is a partner of the province in the concretization of the E-GWEN undertaking. This study serves to contribute to the scarce extant literature on the pertinence of OCBE in improving the efficiency and efficacy of environmental management from the perspective of the public sector.