Judy Ann Ong Ferrater-gimena




University of Cebu, Cebu City, Philippines

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The Nature and Antecedents of Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Pages Holdings, Inc.

Ferrater-gimena, Judy Ann Ong

Discipline: Social Science

Environmentally-Directed Organizational Citizenship Behavior of the Municipal Government Officials in Cebu

Sy, Maria Victoria U. | Ferrater-gimena, Judy Ann Ong | Asis-dimpas, Gelena

Discipline: Environmental Conservation

Instructional Design Applied by Teachers Affects Library Utilization

Ferrater-gimena, Judy Ann Ong | Rafols-doming, Roselita

Abstract Reasoning and Arithmetic Ability Lead to Academic Success of the Accountancy Students in a Private Non-Sectarian University

Ferrater-gimena, Judy Ann Ong | Bigcas, Bernadette U. | Biore, Christopher

Instructional Management Skills and Effectiveness of Physical Education Instructors in Higher Education Institutions in Cebu City, Philippines

Ferrater-gimena, Judy Ann Ong | Coronel, Hazel Socorro Baruman

Climate Change Adaptation of the Hospitality Establishments in Southern Leyte, Philippines

Ferrater-gimena, Judy Ann Ong | Lopez, Edilyn G.

Contextualizing Human Resource Management Practices: The Philippine Experience for an HEI

Ferrater-gimena, Judy Ann Ong | Cabahug, Monriud | Tejada, Elouis | Ogoc, Carlos Lyndon

Plagiarism Detector: Assessing Quality of Undergraduate Teacher Education Researches

Cabahug, Jerr A. | Jala, Liza Lorena | Etcuban, Jonathan O. | Ferrater-gimena, Judy Ann Ong

Relevance of Beach Resorts in a Tourist Municipality: A Multi-Sectoral Perspective

Ferrater-gimena, Judy Ann Ong | Sayson, Yolanda C. | Consigny, Mary Ann M.