HomeSMCC Higher Education Research Journalvol. 2 no. 1 (2016)

High School Students Disciplinary Behavior in a Catholic Private School

Sr. Wynona S. Manalo



Discipline is a big challenge to the educational system. The school as a moral laboratory shares with the parents the responsibility of unveiling the underneath causes of the disciplinary problems that impede the smooth character formation of the students. In the school the student’s moral upbringing is gradually polished of the rough edges that were left unattended during the growth period. The school serves as a copartner of the parents in the moral, mental, social, emotional and physical development of the students. This study dealt with disciplinary problems and the causes of high school students in St. Nicholas Catholic School of Anda, Bohol, Philippines. There were reported cases from the school authority of truancy, absenteeism, and other related misconduct committed by some high school students. It is with great moral concern of the study in a assisting the teachers and parents in handling cases of undisciplined students. It is hope that this study would be an effective instrument that guide the school in the formation of the learners.