HomeRecoletos Multidisciplinary Research Journalvol. 1 no. 2 (2013)

Vote Pricing Spatial Probability Models in the Philippines

Jessica Magallon-avenido | Roberto M. Cabardo | Rosario L. Cabillada

Discipline: Political Science



This paper seeks to look into the causes and factors that lead to the practice of vote buying in the Philippines. This also tries to examine the motivations of candidates who buy and sell their votes. The data were obtained from a combination of government data bases and informal sources. The findings revealed a significant correlation between poverty, literacy rate and the buying price of votes. Vote buying thrives where poverty incidence is high and where literacy is low. Due to the rather high incidence of poverty in the country, vote buying appeared to escalate over the years. The interplay of economic needs of the voters and their willingness to cast their votes to the highest bidders paint a rather glowing political scenario in the future.