Charlie P. Bello



Charlie P. Bello is an Architect and an Environmental Planner. He finished his B.S Architecture at Far Eastern University in 1979 and pursued further studies in Land Use Planning and Master of Architecture at the University of the Philippines. In the practice of his profession he undertook various projects from residential buildings to commercial buildings, and from property development to project management. He was also a part of the joint consultancy project of the National Housing Authority and GITEC (German Consultancy) on squatters’ relocation and housing. He is the sole proprietor of Circumvential Planner and Builders, a principal partner of PiñonOmpoc + Bello, and an associate of Jose Z. Apostol& Associates Engineers Builders. He presented his research paper on the expandability and flexibility of socialized housing at the Lunds University in Lund, Sweden.

Affiliates: Institute of Arts and Sciences Far Eastern University

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