Maico Demi B. Aperocho


Affiliates: AB English Language Program College of Arts And Sciences Education University of Mindanao, Davao City, Philippines

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A Critical Discourse Analysis of Donald Trump’s Rhetorical Animosity Against Illegal Immigrants

Aperocho, Maico Demi B. | Ates, Lois Alyanna C. | Corias, Dona Bella P.

Depressive Language on a Virtual Common: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Tarusan, Mary Ann E. | Aperocho, Maico Demi B.

Unveiling the Experiences of Young ESL Educators in an Open Admission Academe

Aperocho, Maico Demi B. | Payot, Jennifer S.

A Policy Reform Framework for Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education in the Philippines

Aperocho, Maico Demi B.

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Former Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte’s State of the City Addresses (SOCAs)

Aperocho, Maico Demi B. | Flores, Seth A. | Gabisan, Jenyvive G. | Ygay, Noevy Jane B.

Maguindanaon Language And its Vowel Sounds

Aperocho, Maico Demi B.

Discipline: Education

Academic Employees’ Workplace Deception Detection Knowledge

Aperocho, Maico Demi B. | Bonhoc, Apple Grace

Discipline: Education

Accessing Stories: Experiences of Former Fast Food Chain Employees During theCOVID-19 Pandemic

Aperocho, Maico Demi B. | Besande, Genevieve | Tangpos, June Mark | Tutor, Princess Mae

Discipline: Education

A Multimodal Analysis of Leni Robredo Murals

Aperocho, Maico Demi B. | Ebro, Jhenrose Nove

Discipline: Education

Exploring the Hate Language: an Analysis of Discourses Against the LGBTQIA+ Community

Aperocho, Maico Demi B. | Aliñabon, Gianelli | Camia, Kenneth | Tenorio, Aerol Jay

Discipline: Education

Philippine English in Online Depressive Language

Aperocho, Maico Demi B.

Discipline: Education

The Oust Duterte Movement and Its Counterhegemonic Rhetoric on Facebook

Aperocho, Maico Demi B.

Discipline: Education