Chin-chung Tsai

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The Relations Between Scientific Epistemological Beliefs and Approaches to Learning Science Among Science-Major Undergraduates in Taiwan

Liang, Jyh-chong | Lee, Min-hsien | Tsai, Chin-chung

Discipline: Education, Philosophy

Exploring High School Students' Views Regarding the Nature of Scientific Theory: A Study in Taiwan

Tsai, Chin-chung | Wen, Meichun Lydia | Kuo, Pi-chu | Chang, Chun-yen

Discipline: Education, Science

Editorial: Research About Science Learning in Asian Countries

Tsai, Chin-chung

Discipline: Education, Learning

Research Regarding Science Learning in Asia: An Analysis of Selected Science Education Journals

Liang, Jyh-chong | Tsai, Chin-chung | Wu, Ying-tien | Lin, Yi-chun

Discipline: Education

Exploring the Factor Structure of the Constructs of Technological, Pedagogical, Content Knowledge (TPACK)

Chai, Ching Sing | Tsai, Chin-chung | Ling Koh, Joyce Hwee

Discipline: Education

Learning Sciences Research in Asia Pacific Countries from 1997 to 2010: A Content Analysis of Publications in Selected Journals

Chai, Ching Sing | Tsai, Chin-chung | Chou, Chiou-hui | Tan, Seng-chee | Lim, Cher-ping

Discipline: Education

Facilitating Third Graders’ Acquisition of Scientific Concepts through Digital Game-Based Learning: The Effects of Self-Explanation Principles

Tsai, Chin-chung | Hsu, Chung-yuan | Wang, Hung-yuan

Discipline: Education

Students’ Domain-Specific Scientific Epistemological Beliefs: A Comparison between Biology and Physics

Tsai, Chin-chung | Lee, Silvia Wen-yu

Discipline: Education

A Comparative Study of Taiwan, Singapore, and China Preservice Teachers’ Epistemic Beliefs

Chai, Ching Sing | Lee, Min-hsien | Tsai, Chin-chung

Discipline: Education, Philosophy

An Exploration of Elementary School Students’ Conceptions of Learning: A Drawing Analysis

Tsai, Chin-chung | Wang, Hung-yuan

Discipline: Education, Learning