vol. 1, no. 1 (2013)
IAMURE International Journal of Terrestial Ecology


The IAMURE International Journal of Terrestrial Ecology studies plants-soilatmosphere interactions and biogeochemistry at molecular to landscape scale with specific emphasis on below ground ecosystem. Topics include biomes, drylands, plant succession, biogeography, population growth and competition, predation, nutrient cycling, biodiversity, and watershed change.

The IAMURE International Journal of Terrestrial Ecology is an international peer reviewed journal that provides a venue for scholars to publish their research findings for advocacy and utilization.

Publisher: International Association of Multidisciplinary Research

Potential Citation/s: 57

Category: Environment/Ecology | Earth Sciences |

ISSN 2244-4548 (Online)

ISSN 2244-453X (Print)

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