vol. 29, no. 2 (2003)
Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences


The Philippine Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (PJVAS) is an open access journal dealing with both basic and applied researches as well as special topics in all species of animals, including companion, laboratory and farm animals and wildlife. It is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes full research works, short communications, case reports and review articles which advance the knowledge of animal and veterinary sciences and enhance the development of the livestock and poultry industry.

Publisher: University of the Philippines - Los Baños

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ISSN 2619-7731 (Online)

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General and Specific Combining Abilities for Mature Weight and External Body Measurements of Registered Goats in the Philippines

Orville L. Bondoc | Beatriz R. Garcia | Elizabeth D. Beltran | Maribel dR. Rapusas | Bryan C. Gomez

Discipline: Animal Science

Vitrification of Mouse Preantral Follicles Using a Mixture of Ethylene Glycol and Raffinose

Eufrocina P. Atabay | Edwin C. Atabay | Yoshiyuki Takahashi | Seiji Katagiri | Masashi Nagano

Discipline: Animal Science

In Sacco Evaluation of Protein Solubility in Rice Straw-Legume Rations Containing Varying Levels of Tannin

Elaine F. Lanting | Teresita A. Atega | Edwin C. Villar | Alberto Y. Robles

Discipline: Animal Science

Growth Response and Nutrients Utilization of Calves Fed Cassava-Based Starter Diets Fortified with Methionine

Antonio C. Waniwan | Sulpecio C. Bantugan

Discipline: Animal Science

Effect of Drying Methods on the Nutritive Value of Leaf Meals from Fodder Trees and Shrubs

Teresita A. Atega | Alberto Y. Robles | Calixta B. Alinea | Elaine F. Lanting

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Production Performance of Broilers Fed Diets with Yeast Extract as Partial or Total Replacement for Fishmeal

Cecil O. Tipa | Carmencita D. Mateo | Jezie A. Acorda

Discipline: Animal Science

The Effect of Different Feeding and Lighting Regimes during the Growing Period on the Laying Performance of Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonicum)

Clarita T. Dagaas | Nelson G. Natural | Jason L. Caballes

Discipline: Animal Science

Bioavailability of Calcium from Marble Dust Relative to Limestone in Broiler Diets

Doralyn A. Perez | Edwin S. Luis | Marcela R. Batungbacal | Florinia E. Merca

Discipline: Animal Science

Feeding Value for Broiler of Two Yieldgard (Yg) Corn Hybrids versus their Isogenic Counterparts, Treated With and Without Insecticides

Lydia J. Querubin | Celina Donna Q. Bantoc | Josephine R. Centeno | Donabel R. Dahilig | Nelia F. Carandang

Discipline: Animal Science

Preparation of Powdered Carabeef and Carabao Slaughter By-Products

Cristy M. Bueno | Perlito I. Ibarra

Discipline: Animal Science

Histological Features and Myofibrillar Proteins of Muscles in Chickens at 6 And 16 Weeks of Age

Marites M. Ramil | Ninfa P. Roxas

Discipline: Animal Science

Policy Options for Market-Oriented Livestock Production By Smallholder Producers: The Casren Project

Ma. Lucila Lapar

Discipline: Agribusiness, Animal Science

Research Note: Prevalence of Isospora Suis Infection in Weanling Pigs in Batangas Province

Mildred A. Padilla | Sharon A. Ga | Billy P. Divina | Samuel F. Lucas | Salcedo L. Eduardo

Discipline: Health, Animal Science