Alberto Y. Robles

Affiliates: LRD, PCARRD, Los Baños, Dairy Training and Research Institute

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Performance of Sheep (Ovis Aries L.) Raised in Confinement and Grazed Under Coconut (Cocos Nucifera L.) Plantation With or Without Concentrate Supplementation

Sevilla, Cesar C. | Lustria, Ulysses M. | Ozaraga, Bede P. | Robles, Alberto Y. | Gonzales, Vivian A. | Obedoza, Romeo B.

Discipline: Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science

Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile, Biophysical Factors and Support Services to the Level of Adoption of the Smallholder Dairy Cattle Farmers in the Philippines

Bautista, Jose Arceo N. | Robles, Alberto Y. | Perez, Joel A. | Velasco, Noe B. | Galang, Myrna S.

Discipline: Agriculture, Agribusiness, Socioeconomics

Leaf Meals of Gliricidia Sepium and Samanea Saman as Protein Supplements for Goats

Rayos, Antonio A. | Robles, Alberto Y. | Atega, Teresita A. | Alinea, Calixta B.

Discipline: Natural Sciences, Agriculture

In Sacco Evaluation of Protein Solubility in Rice Straw-Legume Rations Containing Varying Levels of Tannin

Robles, Alberto Y. | Villar, Edwin C. | Lanting, Elaine F. | Atega, Teresita A.

Discipline: Animal Science

Effect of Drying Methods on the Nutritive Value of Leaf Meals from Fodder Trees and Shrubs

Robles, Alberto Y. | Lanting, Elaine F. | Atega, Teresita A. | Alinea, Calixta B.

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Body Condition Score Of Cows And Calf Management In Dairy Production

Rebancos, Carmelita M. | Sevilla, Cesar C. | Marcial Jr., Demetrio B. | Robles, Alberto Y. | Coimbra, L.g.d.s. | Sanchez, E.

Discipline: Agribusiness, Animal Science