HomeAni: Letran Calamba Research Reportvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Menu Planning of Leslie’s Restaurant in Bgry. Tulo, Calamba City: A Guide to Profitable Foodservice

Dianne Camille M. Lambio | Geriza Ann A. Belino | Brenn Mark E. Tabaday

Discipline: Hotel and Restaurant Management



This case study aimed to determine the primary menu planning considerations of Leslie’s Restaurant in Calamba City in terms of customer fit, operational fit, and menu price setting, as well as the impact of its planning process to the customers’ level of satisfaction.

The study used an interview questionnaire to determine the planning considerations and price setting of the restaurant while the level of the customers’ satisfaction was measured with the use of a survey questionnaire. The study adopted Grounded Theory as the basis in conducting the analysis needed. The Input-Process-Output Model was also adopted as the research framework and data were assessed and interpreted to come up with the desired output.

The age group of the customers was given the most priority in planning the menu in terms of customer fit. The equipment and the staff were also considered in the menu planning while Factoring Method was used by the restaurant in pricing. Giving discount as a pricing strategy was also used but for regular guests only. Its popular items on the menu or the restaurant’s “best sellers” were the high profit generators. The customers of the restaurant were satisfied with its menu offerings giving a moderately satisfying rate in all aspects that were asked. The restaurant was given a highest rate in terms of the aroma of food.

In general, the menu planning process of Leslie’s Restaurant in Brgy Tulo, Calamba City was the reason why customers continue to patronize its products and services. Although there were some flaws in the process, the restaurant still earns a great profit that makes the business keeps afloat.