HomeLEAPS: Miriam College Faculty Research Journalvol. 33 no. 1 (2010)

Environmental Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior of Miriam College Students and their Footprint

Avelinda A. Cabrido

Discipline: Environmental Studies



Humanity’s behavioral patterns of consumption can either lead to environmental degradation or contribute towards sustainable development. Hence, it is important to determine how we perceive and relate to our environment. Ecological footprint is an ecological accounting tool that can be used to measure the impact we have on our environment. Baseline data regarding the knowledge, attitude, and behavior towards the environment of MC students in selected classes in Sc 106 (Biological Sciences) were obtained from the Environmental Survey Questionnaire and the Living More Lightly Profile by Meyer, 2004. Results showed that the students’ basic concepts on environment are not translated into attitudes and behaviors advantageous to the preservation of the environment. Thus, it may be necessary to institute an intervention program to help students develop appropriate attitudes and behaviors that is beneficial to the environment.