HomeDLSU Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Cultural Studiesvol. 28 no. 1 (2003)

Gladiators in a Fragile Arena: A Study of Protest and Confinement in the Sugilanon

Ma. Teresa Wright

Discipline: Literature, Sociology, Philippine Literature, Cultural Studies



The sugilanon is a Hiligaynon short story form identified with Negros Occidental and the Hiligaynon-speaking parts of Panay Island. This article studies 13 sugilanon published over a period of almost 50 years, and explores their engagement with the region's hacienda-based economic structure. In particular, the article looks into the dynamic interplay of protest and confinement, of consciousness, in texts infused with the social hierarchies spawned by the hacienda system, and shows how resistance to power is effected in the writing or reading of the sugilanon.