HomeCLOUDvol. 1 no. 1 (2013)

Implementing an Environment Narrator for Visually Impaired Person using OpenCV

Aldrin S. Reyes | Laisa Vina Melne G. Rosette



The purpose of this study was to develop an application to the mobile phone which can detect object such as chair and relay it to the visually impaired. Also, the study aimed to identify how effective is the environment narrator in detecting object for the visually impaired embed in mobile phone. This may not diminish the use of the cane as a visual guide but this application would serve as an additional tool for the visually impaired to locate objects in a certain area. The project is limited to detecting one object which is the monoblock chair. The proponents used experimental research method for development the application. There were six respondents that were chosen for the User Acceptance Test (UAT) to evaluate the functionality of the system. The proponents recommend for further enhancement of the application by including more objects such as table, bed, door, window, among others and to make the application more flexible for any kind of mobile phones.