HomeDLSU Business & Economics Reviewvol. 25 no. 1 (2015)

Brand-Celebrity Match and Its Impact on Advertising Effectiveness

Aditya S. Mishra

Discipline: Economics, Business



The use of celebrities in brand endorsements has been a widespread strategy in advertising. Over the years, academicians and practitioners have been trying to determine effective strategies to select appropriate celebrities for brand endorsements. Many models and tools have been proposed to help in this selection. However studies have focused on the appropriate congruence of celebrity with the product category, rather than with a specific brand, in effective product endorsements. But, when every product category is crowded with many brands then, it is imperative to investigate the role of specific brand’s personality-celebrity personality congruence and its role in creating effective celebrity endorsements. Further, the congruence in celebrity endorsement literature has been seen on the bases of source characteristics like attractiveness and expertise. It would be important to see the celebrity-brand congruence on the basis of the stimuli beyond source characteristics. The present study therefore empirically investigated the variation in advertising effectiveness measures across the high and low congruent pairs of celebrity endorser and brand based on the personality traits. The findings suggested that the advertising effectiveness measures such as advertisement believability and attitude toward ad were significantly different; while measures such as attitude toward brand and purchase intention were almost similar across the high and low congruent pairs of celebrity endorser and brand.