vol. 25, no. 1 (2015)
DLSU Business & Economics Review


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Effects of Brand Experience and Product Involvement on Brand Loyalty for Vietnamese Consumers

Renee Kim | Dong Hyun Yoon | Yan Chao | Noctan Dang

Discipline: Economics, Business

Brand-Celebrity Match and Its Impact on Advertising Effectiveness

Aditya S. Mishra

Discipline: Economics, Business

Customer Store Loyalty Determinants: A Case of the Czech Republic

Inna Cábelková | Boris Pogorilyak | Wadim Strielkowski | Václav Stříteský

Discipline: Economics, Business

The Influence of Unrelated Diversification and Ownership Structure on Firm Value: Evidence from Philippine Conglomerates

Rorian Pratyaksa | Rosanina A. Sayoc | Mika M. Koga | Michael Dominic O. Siy

Discipline: Economics, Business

The Three Factors of Creativity Management: Visual, Number, and Word Creativity

Junius W. Yu

Discipline: Economics, Education, Business

Did Indonesian Political Economic Reform Reduce Economic Growth Disparities Among Regions?

Abd Jamal | Said Muhammad | Raja Masbar | * Aliasuddin

Discipline: Economics, Business

A Decade of Reforms in the Philippine Power Sector: A Price-Concentration Analysis on the Whole Sale Electricity Spot Market

John Lourenze S. Poquiz

Discipline: Economics, Business, Political Science

The Joint Estimation of Filipino Child’s Participation in Schooling and Employment and New Stylized Facts on the Philippine Child Labor Situation

Cesar C. Rufino

Discipline: Economics, Education, Business

Catastrophic Disasters as Opportunities for Sustainable Reconstruction: The Case of Typhoon Yolanda

Ma. Andrea L. Santiago | Fernando Y. Roxas

Discipline: Nature